Thank You! – Save Medicaid Actions

To all of the wonderful people that have sponsored ADAPT,

We want to thank you so very much for your generous donation to ADAPT. We guarantee the money will be spent entirely for our battle to FREE OUR PEOPLE!

ADAPT is in the front lines on the fight for the freedom and liberty of people with disabilities. ADAPT staged a die-in our nation’s capital. Americans watched in shock as disabled protesters were dragged away and silenced. These ADAPTers sent a powerful message, but Senate Republicans continue to press forward with their attack. Senate Republicans have made it clear that they intend to steal the independence of Disabled Americans before they leave Washington to celebrate the Fourth of July and their own freedom and independence.

ADAPT is organizing protests through out the nation and many are putting their bodies on the line. Your donations help us carry on this important mission. Thank you again for your support.

The ADAPT Community