Access Across America

ADAPT’s Platform on Housing

Some Background…

  • There are over 2 million people with disabilities of all ages in nursing homes and other institutions;
  • Over 250,000 people in nursing homes want to return to the community;
  • The Supreme Court and the Bush administration have said states and federal government should work to solve this problem, yet HUD has done almost nothing.
  • HUD has no program that coordinates accessible, affordable, integrated housing for individuals who want to return to the community;
  • Money Follows the Person is a 5 year federally mandated grant program through CMS that helps states identify and move people who want out of nursing homes and other institutions and get services in the community;
  • Multi-year waiting lists for all subsidized housing and lack of affordable, accessible, integrated housing options force people with disabilities to remain or go into nursing homes and other institutions.

The Problem

Even with the increased availability of Medicaid community-based services and supports, people with disabilities are being stopped from relocating to housing in the community because they cannot get access to vouchers or to accessible, affordable, and integrated housing options. This affects all disabled people who have gone into nursing homes and due to Katrina and the HUD cuts the situation has worsened. Thousands of disabled and elderly people wait. Many people have dropped out of transitioning programs, losing hope when they could not get any assistance to coordinate their Medicaid community-based services and supports with any real access to affordable, accessible, integrated housing.
Solution: Access Across America

We are looking for 1,000 vouchers per year for the five years, so a total of 5,000 vouchers.

What is: Access Across America

Access Across America is a proposal to HUD for a national program to help people coming out of nursing homes, or at risk of going into a nursing homes, because they cannot get affordable, integrated and accessible housing. This program coordinates the receipt of subsidized housing vouchers with Medicaid-eligible persons transitioning out of nursing homes or at risk of going into a nursing home due to a housing crisis, who are receiving home and community-based services and supports.

Directs HUD and HHS/CMS to collaborate, coordinate and improve services to low income persons with disabilities, thus ensuring that they can truly live in the most integrated setting.

  • Improve the timing and coordination of affordable, accessible, integrated housing with the receipt of home and community support services;
  • Facilitate the rebalancing of the long term care system;
  • Implement the goals of the New Freedom Initiative;
  • Assist states in implementing the Supreme Court’s Olmstead decision.

Who Is Eligible For Access Across America?

  • Individuals with disabilities and older Americans who are in nursing homes or other institutions;
  • Those who have chosen to leave the nursing home or other institution;
  • Individuals who will be transitioning from the nursing home or other institution within the next 60 days or may be forced back into a nursing home over a housing problem;
  • Individuals at imminent risk of going into nursing homes or other institutions.

How Will Access Across America Be Implemented

HUD, coordinating with HHS/CMS, will work at the state and local levels with federally authorized community-based organizations such as Independent Living Centers and Area Agencies on Aging, to facilitate the coordination of and implementation of the ACCESS ACROSS AMERICA program.

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