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From the national to the local level, ADAPT has an informal structure. ADAPT is like no other organization of which you may be a member. Some people say ADAPT is more like a communication network than a structured organization. The thing every local group must have is one or two people who are committed to making it work.

ADAPT is an activist organization. Your group must be willing to take up the issues head on. What issues? Aside from ADAPT’s national issue of changing the long term care system, starting a national attendant service program and freeing our people from nursing homes and other institutions, it’s up to your group. Each local ADAPT group develops its own style and structure. Decisions are usually made by group consensus. While each local group has local members and local issues which they address, all work on ADAPT’s national attendant services campaign. National networking provides information, strategies and support for each of these groups. ADAPT trainings in organizing and advocacy techniques are also available, and highly encouraged for newly forming groups.

If there isn’t an ADAPT group in your area and you are interested in starting one you can contact us via our website.

Another very important, and helpful way to get a local ADAPT group started is to come to one of ADAPT’s national actions. Better still, bring one or more others along with you. Once at an action (held in the spring and fall) many of the pieces will fall into place, you can see how we work and talk with all kinds of folks from all over the place who are fighting the same fights as you.