How do I Join ADAPT?

ADAPT is like no other organization of which you may be a member. From the national to the local level, ADAPT has an informal structure. There are no money dues, no membership cards.

How do you join? To become involved with ADAPT you must have an active interest in the issue of changing the long term care system, getting people attendant services in the community and getting folks out of nursing homes and other institutions. The key word is active.

ADAPT is an activist organization. This means you are willing to give your time and energy to bring about change in the long term care system and to free our people.

The only dues are the ones you pay in blood, sweat and tears, but the dignity and pride you receive in return can not be valued. When you join ADAPT you are joining one of the finest groups of wild and weird ones you can imagine.

The national organization is made up of local groups and individuals who want to be part of ADAPT and are willing to fight for accessibility and community-based attendant services. Groups cover cities, states, regions but there are many lone warriors out there too.

Once you come to an action, all the pieces will start to fall into place. You will meet folks with a vision of equality, freedom and justice so strong they will make your heart sing!

ADAPT holds training to help form local groups and share with folks the strategies, information and techniques we use. We encourage you to come to one of these training or get some folks together and help us organize one in your neck of the woods.