Saturday March 10, 2018

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By Jordan Sibayan
Denver ADAPT

It was a chilly morning at Camp ADAPT #StopTheTorture #StopTheShock. But not as cold as the doorway into Scott Gottlieb’s apartment. Some of us were able to manage to stay through the night, some others needed to seek warm and other members were happy to help in any way possible.

Artwork showing a boy saying "I am always afraid; I do not know when the next shock is coming"

ADAPT theater captures the plight of JRC students in a painting

During the day as it warmed up we began to set up for an ADAPT theater piece titled “Tortured on Oz” including displays and posters by the ADAPT theater team. We talked about how the awful Judge Rotenberg Center not only uses aversions but also used positive reinforcement so to speak in order to get the desired behavior. The theater demonstrated how those different privileges such as admittance into a snack bar and an internet cafe were being against the residents along with their daily dose of volts.

The awful Judge Rotenberg Center with it’s sickening Technicolor display of the yellow brick road where they maliciously and continuously administer painful electric shocks was demonstrated. We marched around and through the entrance to Gottlieb’s apartment urging him and his neighbors to come and stop the shock. We implored Gottlieb’s neighbors to call on him and to go to his condo number 217  to continue to show that they care. We shall see if that effort was in vain or not. We have another long night ahead of us we have been graciously donated food and blankets and hand warmers. We will persist. We’ve got to. This was written March 10th at 10:33 p.m.