Monday March 12, 2018

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By Jordan Sibayan
Denver ADAPT

Camp ADAPT #StopTheTorture #StopTheShock is still going strong. Today, Monday the 12th of March in the year 2018. We have yet to make contact with Dr. Gottlieb. This morning we took to Twitter to urge President Trump to speak with Dr. Gottlieb to release these regulations that would stop the horrible practice of behavioral modification via electric shock on people with disabilities of all ages at the Canton Massachusetts institution, Judge Rotenberg Center.

While we’ve been here countless children, teenagers and adults have been abused and tortured just for being themselves. They are coercing using these aversions for conformity so that they fit in with everyone else. But what they don’t realize is that the horrible traumatic experience of the shocks that they call treatment has long lasting effects on those lovely beautiful human beings.

Today is been the coldest day by far, lower 30s higher 20s if that. We have been hunkering down under blankets ever since we got back from the white house. While we were in front of the White House Gates we all grabbed our phones out and tweeted @realdonaldtrump urgeng him to talk to Scott Gottlieb at the FDA. This morning we waited outside of his apartment and we were promised a 10 AM appointment with the doctor. He never showed. We were lied to! We were Furious but we will still stay here; we’re not done yet. While the nights are long and the days are cold we will stay here until we get the job done. This was written March 12th 7:12 p.m.