JRC – “Barbaric Beyond Belief”

“Over 31 electric shocks within few hours”
“Continuous shock torture for more than 7 hours”
“Burnt flesh from electric shocks”
“Hospitalization over 5 weeks in a catatonic state”

If you were thinking these are interrogation techniques used on terrorists you would be wrong. These are “therapies” according to JRC.

For decades, in spite of public outrage and court cases against JRC, the torture center still continues to this day. Are the lives of children and adults with disabilities less valuable than the lives of terrorists?


“Barbaric Beyond Belief”

Most people are unaware of what JRC is doing behind its walls. Investigations in the past into JRC have revealed that the torture center is using modified, more powerful GED devices that deliver 10 times more current than a stun gun. These are being used to control behaviors that are not aggressive, health dangerous or destructive; such as nagging, swearing, failing to maintain a neat appearance or even refusing to take off ones jacket. Large-scale aversives or punishments while controlling behavior in the short term, are not ineffective at creating lasting therapeutic change. While other behavioral programs repudiated such painful treatments, JRC has become more and more notorious with its programs.

In 2012 Andre McCollins brought that notoriety into public view. Suddenly all of America heard that children and adults with disabilities were being subjected to pseudoscientific treatments that amounted to torture. In spite of this exposure, JRC still continues to operate due to the inaction of FDA and elected officials.

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