Friday March 9, 2018, Part 1

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By Jordan Sibayan
Denver ADAPT

Camp “ADAPT Stop The Torture” –  That’s what we’re calling ourselves. A group of 40 to 45 of us are here in our Nation’s capital in front of the apartment complex where the Director of the Federal Food and Drug Administration lives. Scott Gottlieb, the director, can put a stop to the atrocities of the Judge Rotenberg Center’s use of shock aversion therapy.

The FDA has been sitting on a rule that would ban the use of those devices referred to as electronic graduated devices GED for short. We will be camping out until they finalize the rule and put it in place to make sure that none of our brothers and sisters ever have to go through this traumatic form of abuse again. They call it treatment; we know it’s torture. This was written on March 9th at 5:21 PM.