FDA – Finalize the proposed ban!

“When the US Department of Justice states that the use of electrical stimulus devices violate federal laws that protect the rights of individuals with disabilities and the US FDA continues to ignore the violations…”

The FDA has received over 1500 comments (https://www.regulations.gov/document?D=FDA-2016-N-1111-1619). Almost all of them support the proposed ban on the electric torture devices. In spite of this, the FDA continues to not finalize the ban.

Even the US DOJ supports the ban (https://www.regulations.gov/docketBrowser…). In its comments, DOJ states “Not only do Noxious Electrical stimulus Devices present a substantial risk of injury, but that risk is unreasonable given the effective, non-harmful alternatives that are available and readily used throughout the country”

One has to wonder what is keeping the FDA from finalizing the proposed ban!

Disabled children and adults are being shocked with electricity at the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) in Canton, MA, have waited long enough!

#ADAPTandRESIST #StopTheShock