Esquire – These Healthcare Protests Outside Mitch McConnell’s Office Are Getting Intense

Senate Republicans revealed their Double Secret Healthcare Plan today. So far, things are going swimmingly. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell engineered the bill with a small group of all-male colleagues in complete secrecy, mostly because he knew no one would like the bill. (One Republican staffer offered this impressively cynical rationale for keeping all details under lock and key: “We’re not stupid.”) That’s because, if the bill at all resembled the House Republican plan, it would savage health coverage for the less advantaged to finance tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. Eventually, though, McConnell would have to let the plan out of its cage.

That day was today, and this is the response from some Concerned Citizens:

Huge protest inside and outside of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office happening right now.

The protesters, many of them disabled and fearing their coverage was at risk, planted themselves in McConnell’s office and in the hallway outside, chanting, “No cuts to Medicaid.” Predictably, they were soon escorted out so McConnell could get back to his job of representing them:

Protesters chanting “no cuts to Medicaid” outside McConnell’s office. Capitol Police blocked the hallway & protesters are being removed.

Apparently, things turned ugly fast:

Blood on the floor outside of Leader Mcconnell’s office as protestors are physically being removed.

Capitol police are dragging people away from Mcconnell’s office.

Healthcare Protesters are arrested outside Sen. McConnell’s office on Capitol Hill after the release of the SenateGOP Healthcare Bill.

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12 - Esquire - These Healthcare Protests Outside Mitch McConnell's Office Are Getting Intense