Denver Nine Released!!!

ADAPT’s Statement on the Release of the Denver Nine

The ADAPT Community is greatly relieved by the safe release of our members by the Denver Police. While we celebrate their return to us, this does not address the reason these activists went to Senator Gardener’s office in the first place: the fact that the lives and liberty of Disabled Americans are under threat from the devastating cuts proposed by Senate Republicans.

Denver ADAPTers spent 59 hours in Senator Gardener’s office, to convince him that this bill will place disabled people in a terrible position. It will cut vital medical care and force people with disabilities to choose between attempting to survive in the community without the services we need to live our lives or be forced into institutions where they may live – but be denied a life. Ultimately Disabled Americans will pay for this with their lives.

Our happiness at the release of our fellow ADAPTers is tempered by the fact that Senator Gardener and the vast majority of his Republican colleagues have shown no sign that they understand the terrifying impact this legislation will have. Worse still, they may understand these consequences but remain determined to give billionaires a tax break that will be paid for with the lost Lives and Liberty of Disabled Americans. We call upon the people of Colorado and the entire nation to join ADAPT in make sure that this does not happen.

As the country prepares to celebrate its independence, we call on everyone to help us fight for the independence, lives and liberty of Disabled Americans.

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