Andre McCollins – a Judge Rotenberg Torture Center survivor’s story

In 2002, a young man, Andre McCollins, at the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) refused to take his coat off when instructed to. What followed was an ordeal more than 7 hours long, in which Andre McCollins was tied to a restraint board and shocked 31 times while he with crying out, “Please stop, please stop” When it was over, McCollins had burned wounds on his arms and legs. McCollins sued and in 2012 the lawsuit went to court.

The Food and Drug Administration goes along with this; It allows the shocks to continue.

The McCollins trial was brutal. Those in the courtroom heard that McCollins’ mother, concerned over injuries her son had already received from the GED, the remote control shock device, had asked that the facility not put electrodes on McCollins’ arms any more, but they went ahead and did it anyway. In the courtroom they heard that McCollins was shocked after he was restrained, for “tensing up his body.” McCollins Mother testified saying that even after 10 years since that brutal day, Andre has never been the same again.

JRC countered that the shock was a “treatment” and was safe and necessary. McCollins’ mother calls it torture.

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