All Are One! March

Join National ADAPT for the All Are One! March

Wednesday, October 23, 2019 beginning at 8 A.M. ET

People with disabilities are members of marginalized communities in the United States and throughout the world.

For centuries, the United States government’s policies for marginalized communities is to relegate us to cages. Those cages include prisons, detention camps, reservations, institutions and nursing homes. It is time for that practice to end!

National ADAPT will be marching from FEMA to the White House to demand that policies of the federal government stop forcing people into cages for the sake of profit. Instead, the federal government must create policies that uplift families and community and put an end to the institutional bias that plagues citizens in the United States and those who come here from abroad. It is time to put people before profits. Because all are one!

Join us as we stop to deliver a message of liberation for all our people:

  • 7:30am Lineup at Hotel
  • 8:00am FEMA; 500 C. St. SW
  • 9:15am Housing and Urban Development; 451 Seventh St. SW
  • 10:30am United States Navy Memorial; 701 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
  • 12:30pm Museum of African American History and Culture; 1400
  • 1:45pm United States Customs and Border Patrol, 1300 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
  • 2:30pm White House; 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
  • 3:30pm March back to hotel; 500 C. St. SW
  • 5:30pm Big Meeting at hotel