ADAPT’s vision: 2020

National ADAPT leadership met together to plan the 2020 national strategy. At that meeting, the ADAPT governing body decided to reach out to let every ADAPTer know that we honor their individual choices and autonomy, and they are welcome and respected in our fight to FREE OUR PEOPLE! We are beginning a unifying campaign “We Are ADAPT” to reinforce the historic values of ADAPT – transparency, accessibility and inclusion. ADAPT will use our tools of civil-disobedience and direct action with the guiding principles of intersectional justice, non-violence, respect and love to assure the civil and human rights of people with disabilities to live in freedom.

ADAPT leadership decided to hold an action in Washington, DC this spring as part of our unifying campaign. Now is the time to unite and finish the work of ADAPT that began 42 years ago and has been carried forward by countless ADAPTers, including those who have died during the struggle.

That work includes:

  • Fighting Medicaid Cuts and Block Grants
  • Ending the use of “shock” in our continuing campaign against JRC,
  • Stopping Implementation of Electronic Visit Verification,
  • Securing permanent authorization of the Money Follows the Person program,
  • Fighting for Affordable, Accessible, and Integrated Housing including efforts to secure enactment of the Eleanor Smith Inclusive Design Act, and
  • Securing enactment of the Disability Integration Act.

All are welcome in ADAPT. If you are interested in joining us or continuing to be involved with ADAPT you can contact us at