ADAPT Statement Against Homophobia and Transphobia

ADAPT embraces diversity, and from our beginning, ADAPT has welcomed members of the LGBTQ+ community. Over the years, some of its members have risen to positions of national leadership. It is disturbing to know that not all ADAPTers are welcoming to everyone.

Discrimination and violence still happens to LGBTQ+ folks, particularly trans women of color. It is disturbing and counter to everything we have worked together to achieve that there are ADAPT members who do not embrace our diversity and its intersections.

ADAPT will not tolerate discrimination, bullying, including purposely using incorrect pronouns, dead-naming (a name by which someone no longer identifies as), and other forms of bigotry against the LGBTQ+ community, including ADAPTers who may or may not identify as such. It is not who we are. We embrace and welcome people from all marginalized communities and demand this same attitude from all of our chapters and individual members.

ADAPT calls on its chapters to be conscious of the additional threats that its members in the LGBTQ+ community face and that it proactively provides support.