ADAPT is making a list and checking it twice… Who will be on ADAPT’s Nice List this year?

On Thursday, December 5, 2019 The DIA Workgroup made some holiday cards and with the help of Atlantis ADAPT they hand delivered the holiday cards to Senators to see if they will be on ADAPT’s Nice List this year!

This holiday season, two million people with disabilities remain locked away in institutions across the United States.

ADAPT has repeatedly visited the Senator’s offices to urge them to cosponsor the Disability Integration Act (S.117).

Despite our hard work with the staff, the certain Senators has still not cosponsored the bill which would ensure states and managed care organizations give disabled people the opportunity to live in freedom, instead of locking us away in institutions!

These Senators has until December 13, 2019 to cosponsor S.117 and be on ADAPT’s Nice List this year. Otherwise, they may end up on ADAPT’s Naughty List…

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