ADAPT applauds DNC Statement Supporting the Disability Community!


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WHO: National ADAPT
WHAT: National ADAPT
WHEN: Wednesday, November 30, 2017

ADAPT applauds DNC Statement Supporting the Disability Community!

11/30/17 – ADAPT applauds the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for issuing an expansive statement covering a number of issues of vital importance to the Disability Community ranging from the Disability Integration Act and preservation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to the phase out of Section 14(c) which allows disabled workers to be paid less than the prevailing wage. The Democrats become the first party to formally endorse the Disability Integration Act (S.910/HR.2472), landmark bipartisan legislation that would ensure disabled people’s right to live in the community.

The DNC statement reads:

“The right to live in the community is a civil and constitutional right too often denied to Disabled Americans, even though we know that home and community-based services and supports are not only what people want, but are also more cost-effective. That’s why Senate Democrats introduced the Disability Integration Act, a bipartisan bill to ensure that no Disabled American is denied their right and opportunity to live freely and independently in the community. This legislation, when enacted, will give people with disabilities who remain in institutions a chance to experience the same dignity and freedom as every other citizen. Democrats are proud to support this landmark civil rights legislation and support the Disability community working to secure its passage.”

“We are thrilled with the DNC’s endorsement of the Disability Integration Act. We are hopeful that this will help us secure additional cosponsors and move this bill forward,” said Bruce Darling a national organizer with ADAPT.

“We are so happy that the DNC has committed to the DIA and is going to fight to preserve the ADA! We needed our political leaders to lead on disability rights, so it’s good to see that the Democrats have the strength and leadership to do that,” said long time ADAPTer Anita Cameron.

The DNC statement also calls for the elimination of sub minimum wages, a practice which has led to disabled people being placed in sheltered workshops where they are paid as little as pennies per hour. “Section 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act was established in 1938. Disability policy has changed a great deal during the last 79 years. Eliminating this loophole is long overdue,” said Darling. “We hope that more Democrats will now sign onto the bipartisan TIME Act.”

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