Action alert – Enjoy the Turkey and RAISE THE WAGE! Or Don’t Be a Turkey

Hello ADAPTers,

Thanksgiving will be here soon. For many of us Thanksgiving is a time of family and friends gathering. Many people see Thanksgiving as a time to be thankful and grateful. For some of us, without our attendant being part of this will not happen.

ADAPT is proposing that each chapter during the week of Thanksgiving take action on RAISE IT! for our community attendants and people with disabilities that use personal attendant services in the community. RAISE IT! is about raising the wage for our community attendants and making recruitment and retention a priority to meet the needs of people with disabilities to keep them in the community.

Activities that you can do:

  • Deliver a Turkey to the office in your state that makes the budgetary request to the legislature. Tell them, “Enjoy the Turkey and RAISE THE WAGE! Or Don’t Be a Turkey”
  • Visit your State Medicaid Director
  • Do a Press Conference, Being Grateful for the Workforce that we do have, but also shed light on the crisis that does exist.

Austin ADAPT chapter will visit their Executive Commissioner of Health and Human Services to deliver a Turkey. Will she be enjoying the Turkey or Be a Turkey?
You can get the RAISE IT! document on National ADAPT’s website.
If you have any questions please call or email Cathy Cranston at (512) 650-6543 or