• Fourth Annual FUN*RUN kicks-off a week of Disability Rights Advocacy in DC
  • DOJ and NGA agree to work with ADAPT
  • ADAPT confronts Pelosi at progressive conference, Eye Witness Report by Cassie James
  • ADAPT of Tennessee says, “Don’t Be a Fool-Lifts Don’t Work”, April 1, 2010, by Randy Alexander
  • ADAPT tells CNN’s David Vigilante and Dr. Sanjay Gupta to tell the truth about CCA, by Anita Cameron
  • Home Services Action in Chicago: 15 ADAPTers Arrested for Blocking Street, by Amber Smock
  • Disability and senior advocates rally to save independence: Service cuts threaten community-based services, by Amber Smock
  • Ongoing Action in California: Protest against Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s proposed budget cuts to homecare program, by Blane Beckwith
  • Washington ADAPT Celebrates ADA 20th Anniversary, by Don Locke
  • Still battling the Institutional Bias eleven years after Olmstead Decision at Woods School, by Cassie James

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