2017 Fall September 23-28 Washington DC

The 2017 Fall DC action coincides at another momentous time.

Republicans in Congress introduced yet another attempt to strip away the services that keep millions of disabled Americans alive and in the community. This “new” bill referred to as the Graham-Cassidy amendment (H.R. 1628) and is really more of the same bad policy which Americans have already rejected. This bill sunsets funding for Community First Choice and it block grants Medicaid funding which means that over time, States will be forced to cut back on the “optional” services that secure disabled people’s lives and liberty in the community.

Once community-based services are cut, Americans with disabilities will be forced into institutions that are even worse than those of today because after community based services are cut, there will also be funding cuts for institutions, making them even more crowded and more dangerous. Republicans in Congress are trying to squeeze the Disability Community until we bleed, and to trade away our lives and our liberty in return for tax cuts for a few wealthy people.

Once again ADAPT will be at the forefront of the fight against this injustice. ADAPT activists from all over the nation have traveled to DC to protest against these changes. Join ADAPT and #ADAPTandRESIST!

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