2016 Spring April 9-14 Washington DC

Americans with disabilities have fought and won many freedoms in our nation, but when times are hard our basic liberties are in jeopardy. But just like Americans of the past, we will not allow our nation to step backward toward oppression and segregation. Wherever you are, join with ADAPT to say “Free Our People!”

You may follow the ADAPT action here at the ADAPT Action Report, on Facebook and with Twitter. Use the Twitter hashtag: #FreeOurPeople and #DIAtoday. You may help from wherever you are by making calls, telling others and email to support ADAPT activists in the streets of Washington DC.

Turn to this page to see the latest photos from the action and read the daily ADAPT Action Report. On Sunday, April 10 begin following the ADAPT action right here. Each morning the ADAPT Action Report will bring photos, news and commentary directly from activists in the streets.

Saturday April 9

Sunday April 10