1990 – Volume 6 Number 3


  • Atlanta, A New Beginning – ADAPT Launches New Issue: Attendant Services
  • Freedom Day – Attendant Services Not Lip Service
  • Housing Actions Span The Nation
  • This brain has a mouth!
  • Passengers with Disabilities Celebrate Victories in Air Carriers Access Cases
  • The ADA Regulations Proceed – A Sow’s Ear From A Silk Purse? It’s Up To Us
  • Superhero Supports Disability Activism!
  • Farewell To APTA And Hello To Memphis ADAPT!
  • Infirm, Feeble, Invalid, Frail, Cripple, Sufferer, Patient, Shut-in, Case, Victim
  • Marketing Attendant Services
  • Medicaid – Why Do We Avoid It?
  • Personal Assistance For Independent Living – P.A.I.L.
  • Better Dead Than Disabled?

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