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  • Direct Action Works! AHCA was pulled!!

    Disability Rights Activists: Direct Action Works! AHCA was pulled and for now disability activists can celebrate our part in this amazing victory. The fight continues! 54 ADAPT Warriors were arrested advocating against the AHCA. Legal costs may be very high! Want to support the ADAPT 54? OPTION ONE to support the ADAPT 54! Go to […]

  • Spring Action Dates

    ADAPT’s Spring Action will be in Washington, DC from Saturday, May 13th thru Thursday, May 18th. For more information email Michael Heinrich at FREE OUR PEOPLE!

  • Action Alert – Save Disability-Specific Aspects Of ACA

    Congress is on the fast track to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA). There are many, many advocates fighting to preserve the insurance provisions of the ACA – known as ObamaCare, but virtually no one is talking about the disability-specific aspects of the law. There are four important provisions in the ACA that are critical […]

  • ADAPT goes to the DOGS!

    ADAPT goes to the DOGS! (& cats, bunnies, turtles, snakes, ponies, gerbils, etc.) Passionate about your pooch? Krazy for your kitty? Gerbil got you gaga? Tell the world! Share the love! Support ADAPT!

  • DOL rule changes

    ADAPT calls on the Obama Administration to address the problems resulting from DOL rule changes. Instead of improving the lives of attendants and attendant service users, the new regulations have actually destabilized services and reduced the take home pay of some attendants. Read the full press release.